Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to Gravois!

This is a nascent, totally un-funded effort to promote the Gravois Avenue commercial corridor in Saint Louis, Missouri.

On this web site, I plan to include:

  • Listings of the various commercial districts and business associations along the Gravois Avenue corridor. If there is sufficient interest I might expand into Saint Louis County, but the focus initially is on promoting Gravois Avenue in the City of Saint Louis.

  • Business directories for each major section of Gravois.

  • Photos of prominent buildings along Gravois.

  • Historical profiles of the various neighborhoods and business districts along Gravois.

  • For now, check out all the photos of Gravois Avenue addresses on Emporis.

    Also, the following neighborhoods adjoin or encompass Gravois Avenue in Saint Louis, from 12th Street to the city limits just west of Hamburg Avenue (7400 block of Gravois).

  • Soulard

  • McKinley Heights

  • Benton Park

  • Fox Park

  • Benton Park West

  • Tower Grove East

  • Gravois Park

  • Tower Grove South

  • Dutchtown

  • Bevo Mill

  • Princeton Heights

  • Boulevard Heights

  • Saint Louis Hills
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