Thursday, April 30, 2009

Starting the Business Directory

OK, so here's a start on a Business Directory for Gravois Avenue in Saint Louis.

  • 1264 Gravois: Lucas Club. This is a recent off-shoot of the Lucas School House concert venue and banquet hall across the street at 1220 Allen Avenue in Soulard.

  • 1301 Gravois: SuttonWood Antiques. Located in a former Pentecostal church. This is the only remaining building on the north side of the 1300 block, in a wedge between Gravois and the I-55/I-44 ramp complex.

  • 1314 Gravois: Midwest Petroleum. This gas station, strategically located at the I-55 off-ramp for Gravois / Russell Boulevard, was formerly branded as a Citgo, but has for the past few years just been labeled as Midwest Petroleum.

  • This little stretch of Gravois in the Soulard neighborhood is not always recognized as part of Gravois, since it seems more like just an ramp into downtown from I-55 connecting directly to South Tucker Boulevard. But these few businesses, plus a few vacant buildings and backyard buildings, do have Gravois addresses.

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