Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gravois Highlights

Some of my favorite buildings along Gravois Avenue include:

  • St. Michael The Archangel Orthodox Church, 1901 Ann Avenue at Gravois in McKinley Heights.

  • St. Francis de Sales Oratory (Roman Catholic), 2653 Ohio Avenue at Gravois in Fox Park.

  • Kutis Funeral Home, 2906 Gravois at Nebraska in Benton Park West.

  • South Side Tower, 3606 Gravois at South Grand in Tower Grove South.

  • Bevo Mill, 4749 Gravois at Morganford/Delor in Bevo Mill.

  • John L. Ziegenhein Funeral Home, 7027 Gravois at Robert in Princeton Heights.

  • Yes, I'm stretching the definition of the Gravois corridor to include selected buildings within half a block of the street.

    I hope to get suggestions in the future for specific businesses, business districts, etc. to highlight along the Gravois corridor.

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